Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some of my favorite pictures

Aren't these pictures beautiful? They are different cards that I've collected and they are some of my real favorites! Here's a little information about them for you: The first picture is so beautiful. I just found it in a book but unfortunately didn't write down the photographer's name. The second picture is of a painting by the artist Raymond Peynet. I found a website with more of his work and his paintings are so charming!. The third picture (on left) is so adorable. It's a photograph by Susinn Weiss ( I love this card! It is so cute! The fourth picture is so precious. All it said on the back of the card was J and J from Sheepshead Bay. I tried to find a website of her work, but couldn't find anything. If anyone is able to find more of her work, please let me know! I love this sweet painting! The fifth picture is so utterly beautiful! This is the kind of life I would like to have......gentle, delicate and pretty! This painting is by the artist Thomas W. Hogate (who lived from 1899 to 1910). I would love to see more of his incredible work. The last picture is utterly so beautiful and precious! It is a painting done by the artist Bernardino Luini (who lived 1480 to 1532). I want to find more of his work, too! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful pictures! I will be adding more soon! Would love to know where more pictures like these can be found if anyone knows! Have a beautiful Christmas Season! Would love to hear from you! Debbie (My own art website:


Chantal said...

Beautiful cards indeed! I particularly love the very top one :-) Have a wonderful fairy-blessed Holiday Season. Blessings,

Ulla said...

Beautiful! I love them all!!