Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Day!

Today we had a friend put all of our information from our old computer onto our new laptop and finally we have all of our photographs of our art!!! I am so excited. Here are some of the photos!

The pictures are a little jumbled up......but maybe that's kind of fun.....

These are different little fairy chairs and beds I made and little scenes I photographed.

The pictures of me are fun; I'm not really good at having my picture taken, but these are ok.

And lastly, this is our beautiful cat Sasha, who we lost this year. My heart breaks whenever I see her. She was the most wonderful cat.....affectionate, funny and talked so much with her spirit. I miss her terribly.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Would love to hear from you! God Bless.


Ulla said...

Debbie, I tried to leave a message earlier, but blogger wouldn't let me. Nice photos! Wish I could help you regarding shops, hopefully you'll hear from others!

cally said...

Hi Cally here just to say thanks for your comment on my blog, I normally have a good read of the blog of new commenters but I've got a 7hr drive to see someone in hospital so I just quickly looked at the pictures, beautiful, and you look GORGEOUS in your photo's!

Sunflower said...

Sorry Ulla that you couldn't get through to my blog. Hope other people didn't have trouble, too; don't know what happened. I loved your recent posts....especially the pictures of Castle in the Air. What a heavenly place!

Sunflower said...

Hi Cally,
So nice to hear from you....thank you for the wonderful comments!! Hope your friend in the hospital is all right. It's so nice to hear someone say I look nice; I am always thinking I do not take very good pictures. Thank you so much for the encouragemnt! I'll visit your blog soon!