Monday, December 04, 2006

Opal Whiteley

Yesterday, an artist whose work I love so much, Katherine Dunn, told me about Opal Whiteley. I had never heard of her before but was so excited to find out something about her. Katherine said my artwork reminded her of Opal Whiteley's writings and sentiment. I thought that was so thoughtful and kind. It is always so wonderful when you are compared to someone who is appreciated and admired. It is so humbling and encouraging. I started looking up on the internet about Opal Whiteley and was touched by her gentle spirit. She was very sensitive and had a deep love for nature and an amazing ability to understand the beauties and spirituality of's connection to God. I feel the same way. We can find God so closely in nature.....such beauty and loveliness. I wanted to ask if any of you have heard of Opal Whiteley and if so, what do you know about her?? I am going to buy some of her books if I can find them and I am sure will be very moved by her writing. What I think is so terribly tragic however, is what happened to her later in life. Being institutionalized for her beliefs of being a can people be so cruel and misunderstanding?? I thought that was a very sad thing. I can relate to that very well because my great grandmother, who was from Germany and was a very gentle, sensitive soul, was put in a hospital and left there for 44 years as well. I am still trying to find her records to know more about her. I hope and pray that people will try more to be gentle to those who have sensitive spirits. I hope you will see Katherine Dunn's website and blog. She is such a gifted, inspired artist!! Try to find some beautiful flowers today and enjoy their beauty and little songs. God Bless you.

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hello from another Opal Whiteley fan & thanks for sharing the loveley art