Saturday, December 09, 2006

More beautiful photographs......for Cards and Prints!

Here are some more of my pretty photographs for you to see....... If you'd like to purchase my photo- graphs as Cards or Prints, the Cards are $3.00 each and the Prints are $35.00 each (matted). They would be wonderful for Christmas gifts!! The pictures are called......(from left to right, starting at the top): The Sun The Rabbit Millner The Dance of the Flowers Tea at Night Sleeping Tea Shadow Flower Poem's Window Poem Pink at Night Pink and Pearl Mouse and Rabbit Life has many of the most precious things we have is our ability to appreciate beauty!! Debbie


Ulla said...

Lovely story about your Father and his gift to you. You have a real talent in photographing with a sense of magic and whimsy... Do you sell your cards elsewhere too?

Sunflower said...

Thank you so much Ulla for your encouraging thoughts about my photography! I love taking pictures but wasn't sure if people would like them. It's so great to know that you think they are good. No I am not selling them anywhere right now. I do want to try to sell them on Etsy, though.
Have a really wonderful day!!