Thursday, April 19, 2007

Winter sleeping, sweet dreaming......a pretty smile and a flying puff

i wish i had a little girl like inquisitive, pretty and magical. children make the world forgiveable and filled with innocent joy.
silly little puff.......
where are you going??
off to another world, perhaps......but don't leave me behind in this empty room.......take me with you to the swirling clouds and floating birds, where I can soar again and feel as angels dream.
I can't remember where I found this incredible picture, but it makes me want to just curl up and fall asleep for an afternoon in a cozy corner somewhere and dream of happy times.......
what does it make you think of???

1 comment:

Delphine R2M said...

But do not worry: you did not lose your child soul!
Happy to discover your blog, thank you for your comment on my blog which showed me the way to you.