Sunday, April 15, 2007

Genevieve finds hidden treasures........

Genevieve is a name I have always loved......
because it is sounds old and beautiful and mysterious. It makes me think of Elizabethan times and castles, princes and princesses and great running stallions making their way across an uncharted and magnificent mountain range. It brings up an image of someone who I would love to be.......elegant, adventurous and filled with endless dreams.
what does that name make you think of???
Aren't names beautiful?
Sometimes, my husband and I will sit after a movie is over at the theatre and as other people are filing out the door, we watch to amaze ourselves with the unbelieveable names of thousands of people who we will never meet but we are allowed, for a very short time, to hear about them and what they do and wonder about who they are and how.......they were given such unusual, wondrous names. Especially, going to a foreign film theatre where the names are all of people in Germany or Poland or Greece. There are so many millions and millions of people in this world and they all have names!!!! How do people come up with so many different names?? It is truely an amazing thing to think about......names.
I obviously got carried away, but that was fun. I miss talking to people. I wish so much someone would email me or leave a comment on my blog. I haven't heard from anyone is so long, just a few a very nice comments from some very sweet people. (Thank you sooooo much!!) I hope I haven't offended anyone by my recent posts.......about God and homeless people and showing respect, etc. Just have to share my thoughts sometimes. Hope you all understood.
Anyway, the pictures that I have posted tonight are more photos of my art.......
paintings, collages, little fairy furniture. Wanted to share them with you. I have absolutely tons and tons and tons of art available. I've been creating things for so long and haven't sold anything because I really haven't tried to sell anything, until recently) but would love to share my work with you and if anyone IS interested in buying something, please let me know!!!
These are works that I did quite a while ago and I have actually loved having them with me for so long to enjoy!!!! Love to share them with you.
Hope you are happy and well and safe. Life is a gracious gift to each of us. I hope your days are filled with good things and many blessings.
(sunflowerhouse at Etsy)


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Debbie, don't worry, it's your blog and you just blog about what you love, what you feel and what touches your heart! I can tell you are such a sweet, sensitive person ~ and you already know I love your little furniture! I have found that you do have to visit other's blogs and enjoy what they write and comment on what they've done or made or even written ~ this really is such a sweet community of people, this blogger land. I just love to see everyone's antique finds and their beautiful artwork. I love to visit your blog and see what you're up to!~ Dawn

Mo'a said...

I agree with Dawn...write about what interests you.
Her advise about commenting on other peoples blogs is right on that will make you friends. When someone comments on your blog, it is nice to acknowledge the comment, either in you comment section or in an e-mail.
Your blog is lovely, I love your little furniture and I can tell that you have a tender heart.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

mu Aunt Bea's real name is Genevive.come on over and check out my front porch party,your invited,see you there darling.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

I am having a front porch party so come on over and check it out.hope to see you there on the 30th.

Jen - Earth Angels said...

Debbie -- so glad we could connect in blogland - I love your post on funny..who are we but our name first...I have such a common name but it's mine all the same...I love thinking about what you wrote...have a super day