Saturday, April 21, 2007

More beauty from my true self, a child

this is a new chair i delicate and ethereal. it makes me think of clouds and the summer air floating through the stars and the wild grasses.
this charming little chair with it's quirky personality and words of laughter and spirit is soft and like a summer garden.......i wish i had a dresss like this, too!!
tiny little table, all on it's own, sitting atop an old toy antique stove that my wonderful mother gave to me as a gift. where is the teacup? (i think the fairies found the teacup and skirted it away to their little hollow in the forest!
this is the tiniest of tiny chairs, whose laughter can be heard far and wide throughout the woods. one day, even, a wolf heard it singing and told the other wolves not to bother it, as it was practising for an opera performance in Paris!!
somehow, i can't find my house!!! said the fairy. it has escaped the neighborhood!
do you know where it is???
another teacup all on it's own!!! how do these teacups escape the fairies??
a slumbering hollow in the woods, there stood the most adorable
ready to dance and to sing operettas and sing for it's supper. it is all packed, ready to go to Italy.
the beautiful
and the magnificent, magical sea
have feelings
and wonderings.......
they watch as the birds circle about above them, telling stories about the history of the earth.
once a small fox waundered out of the forest and found the prairie and the sea
and wrote poems for them and then buried them in the earth, for the future to find.
have you found any poems by the fox, yet????
little did i know that in my dreams
i would find elegant dresses and glittering jewels. but i gave them away to the peasant girls and farmer's daughters, because
their clothes were tattered and sad.
and the peasants smiled happily and thanked me and we sang and laughed all of the afternoon.
it was a wonderful day.
china cups and beaded princess crowns.......
they arrived in the post from a mysterious
i gave them to the abandoned children
they stood speechless and we stopped and circled the garden in their gleeful dance and laughter.
dreams........imaginations.........somewhere the child within me speaks with it's own voice and i listen. i would rather be a child than an adult.
hold hands with the deer and the raccoons and find a spot in the forest to take a nap.
you deserve it. we all deserve a home in the woods.


Jen - Earth Angels said...

so glad we could connect in blogland...your creations are charming and your imagination immense! i enjoyed a visit
be well!
xxoo Jen

Wictoria said...

so wonderfull ! ...again :)

Wictoria said...

Please, can I use some of your pictures for illustrate my words ? I'll mention the copyright of course, Thanks for your answer :)

Ulla said...

OH Debbie! The chairs are stunning and I love your words... I really felt like I was watching the fairies spin their tale... Lovely photos!!!
Hugs to you!

jonnyspace said...

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