Saturday, April 07, 2007

new creations.......

Here are some new art pieces and photographs I did this week. I have more photographs of this little scene I made of the girl on the platform, but just thought I would share these for now. I love doing collage and assemblage and making environments like ones I would like to be in myself. I love pretty clothes and would love to have some skirts and blouses like these, wouldn't you?
This piece (with the girl and the shoes) isn't finished yet. I can't wait to work on it more as I have lots of ideas. I have been experimenting with our new camera, too and it is so fun!!
Does anyone know if you can upload short movies from a camera onto Blogger?? Or do you just have to give a link to a movie and have it on YouTube or MySpace??
I also am looking for materials to use in my art and will be posting a huge list of things I am looking for so if anyone is interested, please check back to my blog later today or tomorrow, hopefully. I can purchase the materials or trade a work of art for them or a print or cards.
Hope you are having a blessed and wonderful Easter holiday!!

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