Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dignity and respect

I just wanted to share my feelings about some of the news events that have been going on, namely the situation with Don Imus, whose comments were shocking, cruel and absolutely uncalled for. I cannot believe he would be so unfeeling and rude. These girls, who have worked so hard to achieve their goals and dreams, deserve so much more respect and admiration....... not these terrible, negative comments that Don Imus has expressed. I hope CBS will let him go; his show and his comments have no place on the airwaves and I think he should definitely meet with the Rutgers team to hear, first hand, how they feel after his cruel, terrible comments. He needs to feel the humiliation and hurt that they have felt because of what he has said. Also, I think he should be willing to do whatever the team suggests to make amends for what he has cannot retract cruel, hurtful words, but you can at least try to make things better and show people that you are willing to be humble and repentive. Also, I agree with many others that the words in so much of the music heard on the radio should be banned.......the music should be banned and put to a screeching halt. It is utterly appauling and shocking that this terrible, offensive music is allowed to be heard on the radio. It should stopped being sold as well and there should be extremely tighter, more scrutinizing restrictions put on the music of today. Why are we not trying harder and being more serious about what people hear?? We have got to put more pressure on the music industry to be more careful about what is allowed to be heard!!

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