Monday, January 15, 2007

A Wonderful Story! Cake!

Last night, my husband Mike and I stayed up after watching Nanny McPhee and made up a wonderful, funny story about Cake! We started talking about how wonderful the smell of cake is and we were reminiscing about how Mike used to tell me that I smelled like wedding cake! So, we began to tell a story together........something we do a lot......make up funny stories together. One of us will start the story and then the other person continues and on and on. We will have to finish the story to add it all to my blog, but it was so funny that I thought I would just tell you a little of it right now. We wanted to make fabric that smelled like cake so that when we made clothes out of the fabric, we could smell the wonderful happy smell of cake! So, we found some wonderful old faded material and put it in a large vat. We added soap and water and then milk and 6 boxes of wonderful cake mixes......lemon and vanilla, orange, chiffon, banana and spice!! We mixed it all together and then rinsed it and then hung the wonderful fabric up on the clothes lines outside! Then we went to the other side of the house to have tea and cupcakes. We sat out on our porch and watched the beautiful birds flying about and marveled at the lovely hills with grasses and wildflowers. But, unbeknownst to us, back on the clothesline......the bees had suddenly found our cake fabric!! The smell was wondrous to them. They started buzzing all around the fabric filled with the smell of cakes! That's all we have for now, but we wanted to continue to say how we created incredible dresses and clothing out of our wonderful cake fabric and people loved it because it reminded them of cake!!!! We also thought of some funny names for shops or books or stories or??? Wildflower Cake Cake in the Air Cake Dancers The Cake School There is something about cake!!!! So much like childhood and running with your friend and opening a present and getting a letter in the mail! Have some cake today!! Love and hugs to all! Debbie