Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love to share these with you.......

These are some more of my collages and photography and little fairy furniture I wanted to share with you. I have made so many, many works of art......would love to sell some of them if anyone is interested. Some of my very special, newer pieces I do want to hold on to for a while to enjoy them, but I do have many wonderful works of art that are available to buy. If you are interested, just email me for details about size, description, cost, etc. The above are: (starting with first piece on left) 1. Tiny Princess Bed (fairy furniture) 2. The Giant's Garden (Collage/Painting) 3. Dreams of a Happy Summer (Collage/Painting) 4. Stairway to Childhood (Collage) 5. For Lakes and Fells (Photograph) 6. The Beauty of Glass (Photograph) I love doing art!! It is so much fun and makes me so happy!! Debbie (

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