Monday, January 29, 2007

The Quirky and Perposterous Stories of Emily Swan

"The two little chairs traveled to Paris" (see picture above) How uncanny it was that one day, a passerby happen to notice something beautiful but very mysterious hiding behind an old fence. The curious waunderer walked very slowly, so as not to frighten away this creature, oddity, princess or whoever it was and just as they were only 2 feet away, they wasn't a person or anything like it, but two properly dressed fairy chairs, who at that moment stood absolutely motionless as they were terrified they might be discovered in their hiding place. The passerby stood happily, quite comfortable with himself......that he had indeed come upon such wondrous and odd little things.......chairs, but they had the aura and expression of true if tiny fairies had transposed themselves into little thrones. He wondered and pondered the matter, but then, suddenly, a great clammering came upon the corner where he stood so he turned to see the cause of it.......and when his head turned round about again to look upon the fairy thrones, indeed, they had truely and mysteriously disappeared. He muttered to himself with great bewilderment but then decided to be on his way and keep his adventure to himself, for the time being. "Little stove dreams of being a car"...... "Who ever heard of such a perposterous idea?" asked an older, distinguished gentleman to his friend, Mrs. Lucille, his neighbor and friend of 37 years. "Yes, how could a stove ever think it could turn into a car?" Mrs. Lucille had a puzzled but comical look on her pretty, elderly face. Both of the onlookers stood quietly for several moments, trying to figure out the quirky quest of the little cook stove. Suddenly, right when the two neighbors were about to give up and continue on their afternoon walk, the stove began to move. Latching on to the beautiful, glistening blue beads that just happened to be draped about the feet of the stove, before their very (amazed eyes) the little cook stove wisked the beads all about in four circles and suddenly the beads magically turned into four quite reliable and fanciful tires.......(The little, mischevious cookstove seemed to grin and giggle at the elderly couple, as if to say......"I'm quite amazing, aren't I?!" Then, with a happy "Honk, Honk!", the little blue cookstove drove away, quite merry and contented with itself, for at last his dream of becoming a car....... had oddly and mysteriously.......come true.

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ULLA said...

So fun! And did the little stove have treats inside its oven too? DELIGHTFUL DEBBIE!