Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thoughts on life.......and some great ideas!

I have been thinking lately a lot about my life and my past and wanted to write about myself on my blog so that people can get to know me better. Blogs are such an incredible way to reach out to the world. There is so much in each person's life that is meaningful and worth sharing. I know I always love reading and learning about other people so I thought perhaps you might like to know more about me. And I hope you will leave your comments or email me because that is really the absolute best part of blogging......hearing from other people. It makes it all worth the effort and time and hear from others and to feel your spirit and heart. I dream of having a wonderful studio, a huge space filled with wonderful windows and with lots of tables and shelves to set matierals and projects out on. I would decorate my studio the way I want to make it truely beautiful and unique. I dream of painting and making my little fairy furniture and collages, doing my photography, making chandeliers, mosaics, dresses, hats, designing furniture, composing on the piano, doing choreography for dance, doing art projects with children, painting murals, composing on a flute, a cello, a harp and other instruments. Working on my film projects that I want so much to do and my books, my poetry, my children's stories. There's so much I want to do!!!!!! I hope that if you are an artist or a creative person that you will be able to fulfill your dreams and that your life will turn out the way you want it to! Isn't it so crucial to fulfill our dreams? We all want to express ourselves so much. Hope you are having a good day and that you are happy! There is happiness in this world and part of that can come from just having peace within outselves......if things aren't working out, just knowing that eventually they will......helps us have that peace!! Take care, Debbie (


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ULLA said...

"Ask, Believe, Receive..." I try to focus on this when I feel a change... Its hard at first to clarify what to ask for, but you sound like your on track! Good luck!!! Also it looks like you may have been spammed (the other comment...) happens to me on ocassion too.