Sunday, January 14, 2007

Favorite things to share......

Hi again...... I just wanted to ask if any of you know of some good scrapbooking companies that carry really unusual papers?? I use papers so much in my work and am always looking for shops to buy papers from. I found one absolutely wonderful shop this last weekend called "Sweetpeas and Snapshots" on Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. It is so dreamy and cute and is decorated just wonderfully!! If you live in the area, I hope you will have a chance to go see it. We had so much fun going there. But I am always looking for more shops that carry really nice papers, so if you know of any companies that do have unique scrapbooking papers, could you please let me know?!! That would be wonderful!! Also, I am still looking for other wonderful shops or galleries that have unusual handmade art or creations.....or home interior stores with unique objects......I love going to wonderful shops and just have not found very many in our area. Some of my favorite things that I would love to share with you....... The movie "Nanny McPhee"!!! I love this movie! It is so cute and colourful and enchanting! If you haven't seen it, it's truely wonderful. Our son Matthew bought a copy of it for me for Christmas and I was so excited!! It's a delightful, happy movie! Look for the most beautiful, elegant, captivating, magical and breathtaking book on interior decorating that I have ever seen in my entire life. I have looked at thousands of books on interior decorating over many, many years and this book, truely, is the most beautiful book I have ever seen. Every page is incredible!! It is called: "The New Eighteenth Century Style" by Michele Lalande. I am sure you can find it at Borders or Barnes and Noble. It is just my most precious book ever!! My husband bought a copy of it for me for Christmas and I just cherish it so much! Erik Satie!!!!! Have any of you ever listened to his music??!! I am sure many of you have. I bought myself a CD of his music and I love it so much. It just takes me to a place of such beauty and tenderness. I play the piano and compose all of my own music and his music inspires me so much. It is truely simple beauty and enchantment! That's all for now. Would love to hear from you. I hope this time of year that you are all safe and well and feeling the love in the world and the comfort and joy of friends. I am grateful to those of you who wrote to me recently to cheer me up! Thank you so much!! The world is a good place, regardless of some of the things we see all around us. There are so many things to bring us joy and gladness! I hope you have a wonderful, happy week! Take Care! Debbie (

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