Monday, April 07, 2008

Our new films are now available!!!

We are so excited!! Finally, we have our wonderful dvd's finished and they are now available for you to purchase!! I posted something about some other dvd's that we were offering, but these are so much better. I am so thrilled to have finally learned how to do better dvd covers and these stories and dvd's are just wonderful!! Please tell your friends about them, too! We are so anxious to share them with everyone!!! These are wonderful films for children, families and even nannies who would like something truely different for the children they care for! They are each $10.00 with $3.00 for shipping. Wonderful for a gift for someone or for yourself!!
The first dvd is "Fairyland Storytime with Marcel and Sarah". We've given ourselves wonderful storybook names and in this dvd we share some very enchanting stories using our beautiful art. I am sure you will love this dvd!
The next dvd is called "The French Laundress". It is a sweet little story about a little lady who works as a laundress in a french chateau. One day she discovers an abandoned little fairy chair in the corner of the laundry room. She helps bring the joy back to this little fairy throne and sets it in a beautiful garden where it can be enjoyed by all the birds and little animals and her dear friends.
The 3rd dvd is called "An Afternoon at Fairytale Cottage with Marcel and Sarah". This is a delightful dvd filled with wonderful characters. A fun Saturday spent at Fairytale Cottage, meeting Fiona.....the Princess of the Winter Gardens, Benevito......the Baker and all the other wonderful and curious little people at this enchanting home in the woods. This dvd will delight and surprise you!
The 4th dvd is called "Discovering the Enchanted Treehouse, with Sarah and Marcel". This is a delightful tour of this incredible house in the forest!! Sarah and Marcel take you on an exciting adventure through the amazing rooms of the Enchanted Treehouse where you will see the tiny instruments, books, brooms, dishes, chairs, mirrors, beds and all the other fascinating details of this wonderful forest home......everything is created from the world of nature!! A charming and very unique little movie!!
And finally......the last dvd (but by no means the last one we will be offering!) is a wonderful slide show of my husband Mike's incredible sculptures! He is truely a great artist and his sculptures will touch your heart! A fascinating look into the world of a very different artist whose works are inspiring, beautiful and very unique!!
So, these are our first dvd's but many more are on the way!! I hope you will visit my Etsy store to purchase them!!

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Celine TsuiLin hwang said...

Wooow!!!...10 times "wooow"
These are the most beautiful craft artworks I've ever seen!
I really like to introduce you and your artwoks to my friends,
Do you mind that I post some of your gorgeous photos on my blog?
Here is my blog
and my email
I'm potter and a cup maker from TAIWAN.
Thanks for sharing beautiful stuff on your site and I've had a wonderful moment with your blog!
Celine HWANG