Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring is the most welcome of friends!!!

I am so happy to see the trees happily showing their pretty spring seems like something we would not ever see again, here. The winter has been so long and difficult. Still, even though spring has shown it's pretty flowered headdress all around the fields and gardens, our area thinks sometimes it is thrust into the cold of winter yet.....we had snow several times last week.....almost blizzard like conditions. Did not last long, but still.....can't winter take it's long nap and let us have a respite, at least for a while?!! I am sure soon, it will retreat into wherever it goes during the beautiful spring and summer months and we will not need to see it again for some time. I do love winter, bu only for so long! I am so deliriously happy to see the beautiful green grass and the pretty, sweet-smelling blossoms and hear the birds singing happily! My favorite time of year, of any time. Spring is lovely, happy and sweet, like a dear little child. I have been trying to get myself out of the winter doldrums and it's been quite difficult. My husband, Mike and I are working on so many projects. It seems easy to get discouraged and lag behind where we want to be. My question for today's post is just about that very thing.....discouragement! I wanted to ask....
"How do you get through discouragement and keep working on something that is very important to you so you can finally accomplish what you have dreamed of doing??"
I would love to hear from anyone with some encouraging words and thoughts. I hope you like the pictures I posted today. I will come back later and tell you where I found these lovely, inspiring, delightful photos. I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you dear friends for your visits! I am so grateful for you! Happy Spring! Debbie

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