Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New part of my blog!!

I thought it would be fun to find out what everyone is thinking about different things so I've decided that I am going to have a question on my blog every day that people can answer if they would like to. There are so many thoughts I have that I would like to share with others, in the form of questions, so I thought that would be a fun thing to do for everyone. So here is my very firt question.... "If you could create a perfect world for children....what would it be?" Hope to hear from you. I would love to know what you all think! Here's what I would do.... If I could create a perfect world for children, I think the first thing I would want to do is to make sure there weren't any children starving or alone or afraid anywhere in the world. I hear about so many children suffering and being taken advantage of, and it truely breaks my heart. I would want to have safe and happy places for all children of the world where they could feel loved and comforted. Secondly, I would want the children of the world to be able to learn and grow and be nurtured in a wonderful, exciting educational environment where they can have the opportunity to learn and see so many things! Children have the most wonderful imaginations and creativity and ideas. I would want to help all children bring out their fantastic potential! Also, I would want to help parents learn how to be kind and patient with their children, too. That's crucial! There's so much that can be done to make a better world for children everywhere! What do you think??
(Here's where I found all the beautiful pictures above......)
1. Sophie Anderson
2. Wonderful old puppet show......probably in France
3. Moonstitches
4. oldflowers4me
5. i gautier
6. little girl in pink with dog......?
7. girl in huge trees.......?
8. little boy praying......?
9.......(last 5 pictures of adorable little girl)......from the blog......tous les jours dimance
Hope you have a wonderful day! And I hope you will visit my Etsy store as I have some of our wonderful little children's films listed and they are really fun!
Bye, have fun today!


Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures! #6 is Karla Nathan's (of Karla's Cottage blog) granddaughter, "Sugarwings".

I think a world where children are completely safe and given opportunities to learn, love, and grow, would be a beautiful world.

oldflowers4me said...

mmmm- home- full of love and life-warm and cool -yummy things to eat- animals to love and hugg -cubby house's to playing in-and nets so you can catch divine butterflys -lilac fairy cakes for afternoon tea-sleeping under hand made quilts-toys ,old warn toys to play with and lots of leggo-i think our front doors open-

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello, Debbie,
Nice to meet you, I came to visit from another blog and so glad I did,
your blog is amazing! I love your saying on your banner...I would think that a perfect world for children would be to be loved, nutured, so that they could cultivate the gifts and talents that are in their lives, to express and grow to their fullest potential....I will be back thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That sweet baby with the dog is Sugarwings, my fairy grandbaby. I was surprised to see her here, a couple of my readers mentioned it. But you seem like a nice lady who loves fairies, and appreciates beauty.

Becareful with using pictures without permission, there has been a lot of trouble about it lately. But you do have my permission to let Sugarwings visit you here at your pretty place.