Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful pictures from some of my favorite books.....

Hello dear friends.....
It's a Saturday and I'm excited because Mike and I are going to work on a new little film. We've set up an entire scene with our painted mountain and sky backdrops, cardboard painted mountains, little characters and the wonderful trees that Mike has made. We've really had so much fun creating a new little world to film in right in our small apartment. I'll be posting about the film soon.
I was thinking recently how I love salvaging things. I love old broken instruments, tattered books, torn papers and old eye glasses that are falling apart. I love saving things. If anyone has anything like these I would be very interested in purchasing them from you or trading one of my works of art for them. Different things that are old, worn, tattered, forlorn and lonely and need appreciating....I have a long list of things I love and am interested that I will have to post soon.
We're going to go to a new shopping center today that we've not been to, so that will be fun. It's so much fun to get out on a Saturday to see different new places, have lunch, get out in the fresh air with lots of people. The weather here is finally getting warm and beautiful.
Hope you all have a glorious day today.

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