Monday, April 21, 2008

Looking for wonderful shop space to rent!!!

Hello everyone....
It is very late and I cannot sleep again. Just thinking too much, but I am not really tired so I'm all right, although I am sure in the middle of the day tomorrow I will probably be exhausted. I just am feeling rather down and discouraged and just really wish my life was going in a different direction.
Do any of you ever feel that way???
We have been working on our children's film for several months now; well, more than several months. I am getting to the point where I just wish we were finished. It seems like we are always in our apartment working on things.....I miss being outside and out in the world with people so much! We do get out every day.....we go to the store or the library, to the park or to a movie, etc. But, we're not really being with people enough, talking to them, laughing, having fun, etc. It's terrible to get so lonely!! That's one of the reasons why I want a shop of our own so much!! Mike and I have wanted to open up a wonderful little shop of our own for such a long time!! We have talked about it over and over we would decorate it and paint it beautiful colors, have pretty music playing, always serve fresh baked cookies or grapes and cheese or something.....just to give people a happy boost and a smile. We'd have beautiful art and handmade things of every kind. We would have art classes, storytimes, little plays put on by children....we have so many wonderful ideas for our shop! We just need to find a space to rent!!! We've been looking and looking but just haven't found the perfect place we have dreamed of. Of course, we know that might be very difficult to find, just the PERFECT place, but we certainly would like to find something close to it, if possible. We want to find a little space that is quaint, cute, charming, clean, in a busy area where lots of people walk and drive by, a place that we can fix up and make our own and take care and just bring a light and a smile to!!!!
So, I wanted to ask if anyone.....anyone at all.....knows of a wonderful little shop space that might be available for rent or lease.....we could even buy a small building if it isn't too much. We really would like to find something in California, Washington, Oregon or Utah. (My biggest dream would be to have a little shop in England somewhere, too....)
We would be wonderful tenants/shopkeepers.....we could fix up the building and make it the most charming, beautiful little shop ever!! So if you do know of anything that's like what I have described.....PLEASE let me know. We are so, so, so anxious to have our own little shop! What a dream come true that would be!!!
Thank you everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Pherenike said...

I hope your dreams come true for you! Just visualise your dream shop and Im sure it will happen.

I sometimes feel like a hermit working from home. Especially when im really busy with a deadline, then I feel Id much rather have a lovely studio in town, so at least I would see people coming and going. Oh well Im visualising it, so it will come to me soon....

maminkagirl said...

Glad you received and liked the fabric. Hope you are able to use them in your artwork. Best wishes for your dream shop.


Ulla said...

Debbie, I do hope you find something wonderful out there! You SO deserve it! I found a blog this morning that I think you'll love too, as we are always on the same wavelength!
Hugs and kisses

Lola Enchanted said...

You have such wonderful ideas! I hope you find the shop of your dreams! You would have a fantastic shop, I can almost envision it!