Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovely art

                                                         the blog "abundance"
                                                          the blog "french blue"

                                                         ullabenulla's incredible blog
                                                              new magazine

                                                  kristin vestgard, "need to wander"

                                                          great car....from Lambert's blog
                                                       melita denaro, incredible artist

i am very excited, so, so excited!! i finally.....finally i got a job. it is so wonderful. i will be working as a preschool teacher in the most wonderful beautifully designed and decorated....light and lovely and spacious and so pretty. i will be working with (I'm sure adorable) 2 year olds and I will just be so happy! Prayer (millions and millions of them!) have finally worked! I am so grateful!!!!

I hope your dreams and wishes and prayers are being answered as well. It makes such a difference when you feel as though God is aware of you and is there to help you.


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Edward said...

Very inspiring, thank you for brightening my day... =) I particularly liked the mugs and the girl in watercolour, but all are very nice imho =)