Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More wonderful artists!!

                                                            alexandra cook, pinterest
alice mumford

an abundance of on blogspot

                                                          camilla engman

                                                    cathie joy young

                                                            claudia schmidt

                                                              corinna wagner

                                                                 emma mclure

                                                            helen frankenthaler

                                                        pennysartloft on etsy

i have had such a difficult week.....have been sick with a bad cold. my husband and i haven't gotten sick in such a long time, so it's been really rough but i'm getting through the worst of it. started a new job at a preschool and it is a lot of work. the children are so cute, though. i've added these new pictures of wonderful paintings, etc. for you to see; hope you'll visit the artist's sites. sorry i didn't include their links, just so tired. hope you're having a wonderful week. what a glorious time of year.....everywhere the trees are blooming with lovely new green leaves, the sun is out and it is so warm and nice and birds are singing. oh, if only it could be spring every day of the year, i would be so deleriously happy! i love the sun and all that it brings with it! just wish we had a yard so i could grow a garden again and have a pretty little orange cat. i keep praying for that kind of life.....away from the city, out of an apartment and into the country where i can enjoy nature again!! would love to hear from any of you who have started a garden or have a cat whom you love! we miss having a cat (can't have animals in our apartment!). have a beautiful day!


Kim Corey said...

Hi Debbie~ I love your blog and the artful life that you and Mike have created. I love visiting your blog when I need a lift and some color : ) I made a blog post about it here this morning: http://www.bonnenuitdesigns.com/. Congratulations on our new job. Feel better soon!

Cathie Joy Young said...

thanks very much for posting my painting :)