Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring, beautiful spring!!

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i am sorry i haven't posted very often lately......have been spending so much time on etsy! hope you'll visit my etsy store to see my new work as well as many, many amazing artists in my favorites! i love searching through etsy to find great art and there are so many wonderful and talented people on etsy.

spring is here and soon it will be so hot here in utah. we are thinking about finding a job for the summer in a cooler climate. i wish so much we could go to europe for the summer. does anyone know of any interesting, unique jobs in europe for artists or creative people?? our dream for years has been to go to europe; i hope we can get there soon. i dream of going there so much......i know we would love it! especially england, france, ireland and italy.

i am so grateful for my life. to be alive is such a miracle and such a blessing. this time of year when everything beautiful is starting to bloom, i always feel so grateful to be here on this earth. isn't it just a wonderful blessing to have our lives.

i hope you have a wonderful day! remember to find someone to be nice to and to help! they will love you forever for it!!


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