Friday, May 13, 2011

A wink and a sleeping cat......

today is an absolutely gorgeous day......finally! we have had the longest winter; everyone was just so anxious for the sun to shine and stay shining! how wonderful. i am so much happier with sunshine than cold, miserable, dark weather. i miss Washington, though. i love it here (in Utah) but i so miss the beautiful green of Washington (where we are from). we keep trying to move back but just haven't found any jobs there, yet. we especially want to move to Portland (in Oregon). it's such a great city!!! anyway, here are some lovely, wonderful pictures for you to help you have a beautiful, happy day. i would love to hear from you.....i miss getting comments; hope you'll let me know how you like my blog. here's where i found these wonderful photos...... Carlota Santamaria, D Hamilton, Fleur Wood Shop, All the Mountains (blog), Kickcan and Conkers (a blog i visit every day without fail!), Gippsland, Hannah's Form, Little Red Fox, Lobster and Swan (blog), The Curious Eye, Vox Populli, Veronika Faustmann

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