Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thank you for Mothers and those who dream of being Mothers......

today is Mother's's very quiet in our neighborhood right now; it's raining and i am just so enjoying the pleasant sound of the rain. we don't get much rain here, so it's very nice, especially to have such a gentle rain on Mother's Day. when i was a little girl, i used to think when it was raining, it meant that God was crying. perhaps that's true......i have no way of knowing......yet. maybe someday i'll find out if that's true, but i still love the rain. i'm from washington, so how could i not love rain...... my own Mother is Washington. i called her a little while ago and it was wonderful to visit over the phone, but i really miss her......miss seeing her, hearing her huge, wonderful laugh and just spending time with her. she is 84, so i feel terrible living so far away. we're all going to visit her this summer though, hopefully for at least two weeks, so that will be really wonderful. she is a great mother......a very special example to me of creativity, love of beauty, kindness and perseverence. i miss her so much. i hope you are able to spend time with your Mother. whether our Mothers are (nearly) perfect or are unfortunately lacking in nurturing skills, we owe them our very lives, so i hope today we can share a gentle kindness of love for our mothers. i think it's very difficult to be a mother worry yourself sick sometimes about your children, you pray so much that it seems like there's no more prayers to behalf of your children, but then you realize, too, as a mother of your children that you are blessed with the most wonderful human beings as your children that God could have ever given you. children are such gifts to us......if i am ever downhearted or sad (and that seems to be happening a lot lately), if i hear the voice of a child or their sweet, funny laughter......or if i see their amazing smiling faces, all squirmished up into the oddest, goofiest can i feel upset or despondent about anything??? children are so utterly precious; they are so imperfectly perfect. they awaken in me the child i still am and thrust my still young soul out into the wind to laugh again and run like a wild (but gentle) beast. never give up your childhood, no matter what happens......we will always be children; we will always be young. happy mother's day to all of the mothers of kittens, the mothers of horses, the mothers of the mothers of children. i pray that there will be a sweet remembrance of love in your hearts, today. debbie p.s. the beautiful pictures above are not mine.....they were found online. please let me know if you'd like the links.....

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joanne May said...

Wow, Your blog and photos are truly beautiful!
We don't celebrate Mother's Day on the same month as you here in England, but it is lovely to see your heart felt post about the special day!

I'm really glad I have found your blog. ;-)

Best wishes
Jo May.