Monday, May 14, 2007

Mr. Bushy Eyebrows and the Amazing Kangaroo

These are pictures of the incredible pieces that my husband Mike made a while ago when he began sculpting. (He also works in bronze and other materials and these sculptures are awesome!! You can see them on his website at: The man on the left (Mr. Bushy Eyebrows is one of the main characters in our little movie for children that we will be showing on Youtube soon and we will be selling copies of it on our websites and on my Etsy shop!!! Hope you'll look for it! The kangaroo isn't in any of our movies yet, but will be soon! Isn't he incredible?! He is a kangaroo but also a chair! And there is a little "joey" kangaroo in the pouch!!
Hope you'll visit Mike's website and blog! He is such a talented artist! His blog is at:
Take care!


kazzytextiles said...

wonderful, wonderful...what a beautiful fairytale you both lead x x x x x

x x x kazzy xx x x

shepherdgirl said...

I love Mr. Eyebrows. And your post about your family is very touching. My parents are in their 80's and failing, and live far away - I am feeling the letting go we must all face in our lives - it is odd and bittersweet, sor of clothlike.
Your art and words are touching.