Friday, May 25, 2007

Characters for our new movie!!!!

We are so excited!!! Mike and I have been working on a fantastic little children's movie using our wonderful Treehouse and little characters that we've made in the past and some amazing and comical people that we made this week!!! We should have the movie done soon, just need to edit it and it will be done. We'll have it available on my Etsy store. It is called:
The Enchanted Treehouse
It is so cute and funny and just has been the most fun creating!!
These little people above will be in the second part of the film. The little lady with the green hat and beautiful beige dress doesn't have a face yet, but will soon. It will be interesting to see what Mike will create for her face.....he is the sculptor!
The first little lady is a flower girl.....she is completely made from natural materials, except for the lace trim on her rose petal dress. The funny little man with her was made by Mike and is a quirky little guy. In the movie, his name is Benevito. The lady with the green hat will be holding a candleabra and a basket (when she's finished).
The man with the cork body (isn't finished yet) is so funny. Mike sculpted his face. Isn't it amazing?! He will really look incredible when he's done. And the last little man is kind of futuristic guy. He's waiting for the finishing touches still, too.
We stayed up so late working on these five new characters. It was amazing fun!!!
So, please look on my Etsy shop soon for our little movie! I also have beautiful packages of dried rose petals available on my Etsy shop now, too!!
Have fun and remember to stop to listen to the birds today!!

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kazzytextiles said...

the enchanted wonderfully creative your world is.
i love the figures for the beautifully sweet.

i often visit your site and am amazed by the beauty of your amaze me every time i visit...i would love to live amongst your fairytales...
what a wonder and delight that would be...

x x x kazzy x x x