Friday, May 18, 2007

dipped in the dreams of trees.......

life has it's way of crushing down on you sometimes......
at 57, i often am feeling the weight of all the years i have lived, but even more so......i think about the many dreams and visions i have of the future i long for..... and wonder about their ability to walk upright in this world.
vague, but perhaps you understand. i wish so much for the things that i want to do to come to pass. i try, i work, i pray, i do everything that comes through my mind to do, but still i feel so far behind.
everyone in life is so different. each person has their greatness, their frailty, their humor and their passion. i so often wish we could all meet at some point where we could appreciate these gifts and then let each person walk the path they choose; learn from each other but give and share and smile that inner understanding that heals.
i enter my feelings and thoughts and creations on these pages, reaching out to people i do not know, but hope that somehow someone will appreciate my words and say they understand, so i don't feel so alone.
i am so grateful for the beauty i have found from all of you. thank you and i pray that you will feel the soft and healing love of kindness in your life.
sparrows do talk to us......their sweet and delicate and small lives are connected to something so much larger and greater. tiny birds......that carry a message from the heavens......

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