Thursday, July 12, 2012

My wonderful little dolls and characters......

here are the cutest little people you might find anywhere.....they have walked, flown, driven, bycycled, ran, skipped and hopped here to my blog to visit you. imagine they are talking to you and sharing their funny, whimsical and heartwarming stories and later that day you might even give a little smile in quiet retrospect. humm.....
Fiona, Princess of the Winter Gardens (left) and Anika the Artist (both from our movie "The Enchanted Treehouse)
The Gypsy Grandmother

                                                               The Dancing Princess
The Smiling Guitarist, pants made from leather glove, cardboard guitar

Einstein's Brother, posable puppet
The Baboushka Girl, made from driftwood, fabric and paper
Rustarian, the Spanish Diplomat, fabric doll
The Winter Maiden, (center) with white hair, brown gown made from natural materials and fabric
Sarah and Naomi, The Elegant Sisters, fabric dolls
The Cat Princess & her Rabbit, cloth characters

The Fashion Designer, doll with purse made from driftwood and fabric

The Girl in the Little Blue Dress, made from driftwood and fabric

The Little Girl with the Duck, doll made of cardboard, paper, found objects
Modeling New Clothes, doll made of cardboard, wire, fabric
The Winter Princess, fabric doll with crown

The French Opera Singer, fabric doll
The Flying Winter Fairy, puppet/doll made from nature, wire, fabric
Smiling Paper Actress, puppet/doll made from wire, cardboard, paper, fabric
Silly Sea Creature, made from seaweed, fabric, beads

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