Thursday, July 12, 2012

My beautiful little fairy furniture.....

These are some of the (several thousand) beautiful little fairy furniture art pieces I've made (some were also created by my husband, too). You can see more on my Etsy shop at:
(Sorry if they have different names.....can't remember what I call them sometimes. If you'd like to order some of these, please just order them from my Etsy shop. Thanks. Have a lovely day!
Canopy of Memories, beautiful fairytale bed
French Boutique, elegant bed and table
Child Rabbit's Throne, chair with comical bunny
In the Waves of Life, loveseat with old writing and photo

Petit Princess Dream Bed, lovely fantasy bed with wire, beads, fabric
The Little Lost Girl, elegant throne with photo
Dreams of the Golden Sun, chair with writing and ribbon
Blue Bed from the Sea, tiny bed with blue fabric
Tiny Bed for a Fairy Princess, very small little bed mounted on a matchbox
Fairy Dressing Table with chair, natural materials
The Nesting Throne, small chair with nested seat and text
Little Sea Elf's Bathing Tub, natural materials
Pink Fairy Throne, driftwood, fabric
The Loveliness of Pink, fairy bed
Dreaming by the Lamplight, little chair by old lamp
Lost in a Garden Dream, pink bed with twigs and fabric

Castle Bed for a Fairy Princess, beautiful bed made of antique fabric and twigs
Rosebud twig bed for the forest, twigs, fabric
Moss Rose Bed, canopy, beads, ladder on side

The Seamstress's Tea, chair and table, paper, fabric
Time for Tea, mounted chair and table with photos
Stairway to the Memories of the Heart, mounted scene with natural man, stairs to chair

From the Land of Nature, little chair made of orange, eggplant, twigs

Flowers are Happy, Scene with mounted chair and flowered background


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