Sunday, July 08, 2012

a cat, funny costumes and an amazing glass sphere

photographer Clarence White
16 house, blog.....this little dog is so cute. he just speaks to you, right?

from 16 house, blog. i wish i could jump this high in the air! wouldn't that be awesome?!

love this room, from again......16 house. such pretty colors and a humble, lovely setting.     so ethereal and mysteriously beautiful      amazing

artist alice mumford. i love how very simple and pretty this painting is. so beautiful.

artist amanda blake......absolutely incredible. this inspires me as an artist so believe i can paint just as beautifully. doesn't it do the same for you?

from the blog "an apple a day".
so very pretty   lovely hair and a beautiful child, with a sleepy cat

from au revoir les enfants, wonderful blog.
how silly to be children, children can be so silly, it's fun when you're silly
(even if you're not a child)

au revoir les enfants,
flowers can make you feel like you're a flower!

i will end my post for tonight with this wonderful cat. he looks somewhat indifferent to the person photographing him, but i think he enjoys the attention. cats are wonderful creatures. they wear their expressions on their face.....well, that sounds pretty literal, but it's true. they show their emotions very well. i love this cat. i wish i could see him for real.

have fun

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