Tuesday, June 19, 2012

please keep summer from fleeing away so fast!

                                          incredible sculpture of the love of birds by fanny ferre
                                                          poems in a bottle by paul yates
                                            beautiful swirls from free people's blog
                                          quiet elegance from http://www.houseofbliss.blogspot.com/

                                                   adorable bear from kickcan and conkers
                                              i wish i could live here!   (photo from pinterest)
                              beautiful, inspiring road, makes me feel comforted and happy to see this.
                                         from "girl from the corner table" blog


                                                   love this old, comfortable, romantic style
                                                    from "lambert nyc" blog

                                             heavenly creatures shop, from austrailia

                                                adorable girl looking so happy.
                                               from http://www.houseofbliss.blogspot.com/

                                                  oh the unexplicable joy of childhood!!
summer is so breathtakingly beautiful but so fleeting and marches by so quickly with the youthfulness of a child. i just want to keep it with me for such a long time because it's voice of youth touches my heart and renews my soul. out to the trees, out to the sea, out to find the lost voice of summer. please stay my dearest friend, for you, the days that are long and languid and lovely.....are my favorite time and language. summer, the happiest days of all.


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