Thursday, June 28, 2012

never enough is everything, beauty of the soul


                                                      scott bergey, artist

                                               she had us at hello blog

                                            she had us at hello blog

                                                      she had us at hello blog

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this has been such a nice week. sometimes summer can unfortunately be very least compared to the expectations i give myself......i want to go everywhere, do everything, just fill every summer day with tons of exciting and wonderful events and experiences. but i am not very good at planning, so it seems like when something wonderful and enchanting does happen, it just appears and falls into my day.....but with much fallderall and waving of happy arms on my part. i love being with people, going places, doing things. i don't like being lonely, away from excitement. so i really love it when we have fun. this week we had lots going on.....lunch out with friends in a pretty little cafe, visit other friends in their amazing, huge home up on a mountain, visits with other just makes me realize how people are so important in life. we would all be so terribly, terribly lonely without each other!! so i hope you are having a really wonderful summer and spending time with dear friends and family, too!!

would love to hear from you!

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