Thursday, May 10, 2012

                                                   emma mcclure, extraordinary artist
lovely narcissus, delicate and sweet
                                                                 monica leonardo, unique artist
                                                     martin azua, inflatable room
                                                                 sea angels, beautiful blog

                                                i love black and white, beautiful blog

                                                      marc foxx, minimal artist
                                                             holli on etsy, so cute

                                                    ici et maintenant, mysterious art

                                                           clic par hasard, beautiful

                                                  she had us at hello, great blog

                                                                      tumblr, adorable

                                                        manouche-manochet, lovely blog
Always inspiring, lovely and pretty and adorable. hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures. hope tomorrow is a good day. has been a difficult week. waiting and working and praying for better days......would love to hear from you.....sure need cheering up.

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