Saturday, January 28, 2012

More beautiful pictures......

hello everyone. i love sunday because it is such a quiet day. people are more relaxed and not so stressed, hurrying to work, thinking about worldly things. i really appreciate how sunday is a day when people slow down, they are more thoughtful about their lives and listen quietly more to what's going on. i can hear the lovely birds outside singing and wish i could be out there with them. we do not live in a very green area.....there are lots of trees but in my heart, i am always longing to be where everywhere you look there are green hills and trees and lovely brooks and the feeling of space. i like cities but i don't really like living in a city. i would love so much to live in england or ireland, out in the country in a little cottage on a farm. my spirit just feels so confined here. we are trying to find a beautiful place to live. i would love to have a beautiful garden again and a little orange, long haired cat with beautiful eyes. cats are so healing and comforting. they are so sweet. we cannot have a cat where we live and that just breaks my heart. so, we are trying to find a better life, a life where i can go outside to a lovely yard and enjoy my beautiful flowers.....tall hollyhocks that are so delicate and pretty, colorful cosmos, fluttering in the soft breeze, little nasturtiums, silly and fragrant. there is no yard here when i can walk out and feel close to nature in a quiet, wonderful way. i think people need that in this life.....they need the peace of nature and the beauty to heal our souls.

i've shared some photos today that i hope you will like. i try to express beauty and softness in the pictures i share. i am so grateful to all these artists and creative people who find lovely things to impart to us. isn't it such a precious thing that people love what is beautiful and inspiring and lovely?

have a lovely day.......

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