Friday, April 02, 2010

International Pillow Fight Day

did you know that tomorrow, April 3rd is International Pillow Fight Day?! I think that is so funny and so great!!! It just makes me feel giddy hearing about that. I read about it on the blog called Enhabiten. It is an awesome much fun and funny and just really fascinating. You've got to visit it. There's a huge worldwide movement called the "urban playground movement" that is so great......just people trying to get all of us to have more fun......get away from our televisions, computers, etc. Go to their website, it's really inspiring. When my husband and I were staying with some friends in San Francisco years ago (until we could find our own place), we would go back to their house after work and their 4 year old son was always waiting for us with a pillow for our daily pillow fight. Hearing about this hilarious "pillow fight day" just made me laugh so much, bringing back memories of little Steven laughing as we were all throwing pillows and just falling down with laughter. People definitely need to have more fun, like kids!!! So serious, the world has gotten too serious......laugh more. Be like kids, they have fun with their lives!!! How this has helped my day!!

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