Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So tired of unrelated, rude, awful comments!!

I am so tired of people commenting on my blog with unrelated, awful and even offensive comments!! I want to say that whoever has been commenting on my blog with these rude things, I would appreciate it if you would not visit my blog!! I try to share beautiful, inspiring things and it is so disturbing to check my comment box and find these horrible comments. Please only comment on my blog if you are someone nice; whoever trashes blogs by trying to bring people down should think about the negative energy you are putting out into the world. Try to find something good to do with your life instead!! To those who leave such kind and thoughtful comments, I am so grateful to you because you help me feel so much happier and part of the world. Thank you for your grace and goodness and for sharing such beauty in the world, too!! We need more people like you!! Debbie

1 comment:

oldflowers4me said...

my love-im so so sorry that this has happened to you- i so love your eye candy.