Monday, August 10, 2009


i want so much to have a wonderful summer. i see so many people traveling to spain and italy, france and other wonderful places and i just feel like the summer might end before my husband and i have a chance to really enjoy it......our biggest dream, most fervent dream is to go to Europe.....especially England, France and Ireland. i realize though, that we need to really work on going there instead of just talk about going there. i just know if we were to go there, i would be so happy, i would feel as if i were finally home. please write to me about your travels to Europe. i would love to hear about your experiences there......perhaps you can tell me what we must to do to make our dream a reality. i would even be happy if we could go to Europe to work and live, not just to vacation. our country......the united states is so drab in some ways to me.....compared to what i see in the beautiful and captivating countries of europe. the history, the ancient, longing feeling of these enchanted places, the people and the children, the gardens, the little towns, the magical and wonderful feeling of the places filled with memories of so many things. our summer so far has been mostly filled with work. i am so anxious to have a wonderful experience somewhere different, somewhere beautiful and inspiring. beauty is my inspiration, my life. i want to surround myself with beauty and lovely things, lovely places, words, thoughts, gardens, clothing, interiors, children, flowers and just everything that is touching and pretty and sweet. debbie

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