Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss nature

I miss being in nature so much. I mean, really in nature. Not just walking down a neighborhood, lined with beautiful trees and lovely yards, but real nature.....a deep woods, a precious, endless field of soft, delicate flowers, the ocean, amazing and wondrous. We recently moved into the city more and although it is very exciting and interesting and fun, I find myself longing for nature even more than before. In my mind, I keep picturing fields of green, like in Ireland, or the powerful seas and waves crashing along the coast of Ireland. I just long to see little animals and birds and to not hear any noise or sound of the city. I can see why there are so many problems in the world, is because people have gotten so far away from nature. The peace, the tranquility, the amazing, incredible beauty of nature.....we all need that, desperately!!!
I am going to try and go for a walk, find somewhere that I can go and gather little twigs and funny flower petals, somewhere that is enchanting and beautiful and wondrous. It will be amazing if I can find anything like there here. I feel like a fish out of water, gasping for air. I miss Washington so much, especially the ocean. When I see picture or movies of the ocean, I have a terrible heartache and sadness, a longing for the sea. It is so alive and has such a voice. I miss it terribly. All of nature, I miss just the world of nature, all on it's own, away from manmade things. How did we get so far from that??
I hope you can have a quiet, beautiful moment today somewhere out in the wondrous, natural world!!

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Flo Llewellyn said...

I have recently moved to Kenilworth
I cannot walk to my wood anymore, its a 15 minuet drive, I miss it so much, it was my territory, and I loved it. It had all sorts in that magical place, birds, rabbits,squirrels,stoats,and such beautifle deer. I loved them all. I loved the feel of it. I loved climbing the trees, the familier trees.
I miss it so much. I watched and listening and heared and sniffed and tracked. But now I hardly see it.
All I see is houses, when I'd rather see green.