Sunday, May 17, 2009

I would love to be a flower garden

Life is a beautiful thing, a very beautiful, breathtaking, humorous, precious and exciting thing. I have so many things I would love to share with anyone who will listen. Don't you think there are just thousands, probably millions of people all over the world who wish they could talk to someone?? How comforting and wonderful it is to sit across from another person and share with them......who you are, what you like, how you feel about everything!!
I haven't done that very often with my blog......shared with you who I am. So, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself......
My husband Mike and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. We recently moved to an apartment close to downtown. I really wasn't sure I would like living downtown but it's actually wonderful. We're of course, not right downtown, but on the outskirts. We live in a wonderful neighborhood filled with incredible, huge and glorious old houses with huge trees and lovely gardens. Mike and I love to go for walks for hours up and down the neighborhoods looking at the homes and yards, commenting to each other how lovely and beautiful they all are. "Oh, look at that tower".....or what wonderful vines growing all along that pretty window". Mike and I have the same interests and the same feelings about homes and design and architecture. We love talking to each other about the houses and what we like about each one. Sometimes, though, we just walk quietly along the street, looking down at the bumpy sidewalks and listening to the birds singing. This time of year is absolutely beautiful!!! If only it would stay this way!
We have opened our own gallery here in Salt Lake City. I posted some things about it previously and also put some short videos of our gallery. It's been so wonderful to have our own art space. People have received us so wonderfully! We will be doing the Farmer's Market here, too, in about a month, so that should be really fun!
I miss our son Michael and his wife so much......they live in California. Does anyone else miss their children who have grown up and gone on their own?? We have such wonderful sons. We do get to see our other son and his wife who live here, fairyly often, but we sure miss when we all lived closer! They are the light of my life, as is my husband. I am so grateful for them!!
Well, all for now. Would so love to hear from anyone!! I really miss getting comments. Haven't heard from anyone is such a long time.
Have a beautiful day!!

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Ulla said...

You are a garden of flowers! such inspiration and wonderful words...