Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The little world of the Princess from the Island of Galturona

in a land of frozen flowers and falling trees,
there lived a little girl and her sister.....
they lived in a lonely valley that always seemed to be waiting
for something.
one day, the older, quiet sister, whose name was Miera, decided to walk out into the beautiful meadow near their little cottage.....she heard a curious whispering from the tiny flowers;
even ants seem to be calling to her in their microscopic language.
Miera stood quietly looking upward at the sky above her. she wondered why she was drawn to seek the voices from the sky.
what was hiding behind the clouds.....what was waiting for them in the beautiful sky?
Miera's little sister, whose hair was long and blonde and delicate, her eyes were quiet and childlike, was known as Lulia. Miera had
found a mossy glen to rest in. Lulia walked into the forest and finding Miera quietly looking into the meadow of flowers, she, too, stopped to look into the sky.
Suddenly, a lovely flock of white and pale yellow birds floated and fluttered into the sky. They moved so effortlessly and quietly. Miera and Lulia looked so surprised; they looked at one another with great, happy smiles. This was what they were drawn to.....the coming of this beautiful flock of birds, whose voices and songs seem to be from Heaven itself.
Miera and Lulia walked back to their little cottage. All the frozen flowers seemed to have become as bright and fresh as a new spring day. The trees stood tall and beautiful again and the valley lost it's lonely, sad feeling.
Such a happy day again. All was lovely and beautiful again.
this was a little story that i wrote, thinking of all the lovely places I have been to and long to see again. I never had a sister and I didn't have a daughter, so I wrote a story about two sisters as someday, I thought it would be so wonderful to have a sister.
be kind to your sister and your daughter....they are your angels.

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