Friday, February 06, 2009

the poet who dreamed of living in a tree......

i love the beauty of words; words made from letters that are funny, elegant and curious, delicate and small. words that express love, humor, sadness, wonder, laughter....and how deeply captivated one's heart can be with the beauty in life. words that form countries, schools, rooms of dreams, words that bring a dinner from a tiny kithen, words that wait in a quiet field under glittering stars.
i love the words that tell me i am alive, although there are words, too,
that make me feel as though i have waited for something all of my life, but have not found it still.
words that sing,
words that tell a story,
words that search for something to heal one's soul.
a poet who dreams of living in a tree.....
a poet who listens to words to see if the branches can take her up to the sky, where doors open and little windows catch butterflies.
a poet who loves the words that she sets on paper, sings to the air, leaves in her heart for another day when the grass is green and beautiful.

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