Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep is lost, pictures comfort........

how i wish i could sleep. too many things on my mind. so i'll share these pretty pictures with you.
1. this pretty picture of a lovely window is from Debi Treloar's blog.
2. the next photo is two sweet little girls having a wonderful teaparty. how i miss that of my own childhood. have any of you had a teaparty lately???
3. the 3rd picture is one of my most favorite pictures. it's from a card i have.....a sleepy little dreaming child protected by birds and pretty flowers. how perfect and wonderful. i know we would all want our children to always be protected in such a beautiful sweet way. they certainly can be through our prayers.
4.the next picture is of Sleeping Beauty. I'm sorry, I forgot to save the name of the site where I found this. It's lovely, though....a sadness and melancholy about it, but so beautiful.
5.This next picture is from the Santuary blog. I love shops. This one looked so charming and interesting. I could spend all day every day going to shops; it's just one of my most favorite things to do. Does anyone know of some really different shops that are fun to go to? What are your favorites??
6. Isn't this puppy just adorable?! He has a look on his face that no matter what comes his way in his dear life, he can get through it!!! Such a determined, confident little puppy!
7. This little girl is just adorable. I found this picture on Marion Dubier Clark's blog. This little girl reminds me of someone who is ahead of their time! She looks self-assured, happy and having a wonderful time. My father started playing piano at age 3. He was a wonderful musician.
8 & 9. Mari Mahr's incredible collages.
10. Beautiful crown from "In the Pink" blog.....I just love this!!
11. Adorable little doll with tuxedo....how cute is this?!! From "Fine Little Day" blog.
12. This charming little man, a doll called Dean's Lupino" is so cute. If I remember correctly, I think I found it on ebay. He has such personality!!
13. This absolutely adorable little elephant is from "Cheswick Company". They make the most charming, unusual little creations. I was so happy to have found them.
14. This funny little donkey is a character, for sure. I found this picture on ebay.
15. This next picture is very cute. The little girl surrounded by beautiful plants.....a pretty garden. If you look really closely to her left, you'll see a really small person sitting on a leaf!! Isn't that wonderful?!
16. I'm sorry to say that all I wrote down in my notes about this next picture is "blog-bpi-pram". Hope that makes sense somehow. This little buggy is so cute, don't you think?!
17. This next picture is from the wonderful, unique shop in Oakland called "Maison d' Etre". I used to go there often when we lived near Berkeley. I loved that area.....so many incredible, unique, wonderful shops!!! I miss that so much....the shops in that area.
18 & 19. The last two photos are so beautiful.....they exude spring and beauty and color and life!! I'm sorry, I can't remember where I found them. But they truely make me feel happy!!
Hope you enjoyed these photos. I should be able to sleep now. Does anyone have a remedy for not getting enough sleep?? We stay up so late sometimes, that I have the most difficult time falling asleep!!
Take care and remember to be kind to someone today. You just never know how you can truely bless someone's life who is in desperate need of love and care!!!


epeius said...

Nice photos!

Shirl said...

Such lovely pictures. I had a look around for herbal sleep remedies for you and found this page:


Or you could try a relaxing warm bath with 3 or 4 drops of lavender essential oil in it.

Blessings, Shirl

oldflowers4me said...

oh how your photos -made my day- there so dreamy-singing and skipping love jo.

Ulla said...

I know I can always find BEAUTY here dear Debbie! Your selection of photos just sing! I am sorry that you suffer so from sleep deprivation... I occasionally go through times like that too. What works best for me is if I stay real active during the day, getting lots of fresh air and movement. I also like to read books in bed, especially pretty ones. Relaxing one body part at a time, with my eyes closed, until I've covered my whole body also works well. Hope you are doing well! miss our chats... Hugs!

Teresa ~ French Poppy said...

Such beautiful photos. Very inspiring!


samantha said...

after spending some time in prayer telling God everything that is on my heart, this peace comes over me like he's wrapping me up in a blanket and i get so sleepy...