Thursday, March 13, 2008

Need old fabric, ribbon snippets!

Hello everyone....
I haven't posted anything for such a long time. We've been very busy on many projects....but I finally have a window of time to write. I am so happy lately because I have been making some wonderful new pieces and have just been having a happy time!! I'll share some pictures of my new pieces with you here.
I absolutely love using beautiful old fabrics and ribbons, old laces and just anything old and tattered and filled with lovely my little creations. But I am so running out of these things! I wanted to put out a plee to anyone who works with antique fabrics or any beautiful fabrics of any kind (even new) that if you ever have any really small snippets of fabrics or ribbons or lace that you are just going to discard because they are too small to use.....please let me know! I could definitely use them! Even if they are just 1/2" in size, my little furniture is small enough that I could make a pretty home for these discarded pieces. Anything small, starting from 1/2"....up to any size you care to share. I would be happy to pay for postage from whereever you are.....even Europe! And could even purchase the snippets or remnants if it's not too much. (Just ask me). Anything like velvets, silks, wool.....I don't know the names of different fabrics, but just anything beautiful and enchanting. Also, millnery supplies or anything enchanting like that. If what you have is just too old or tattered or small for you to use, I could use it. Also, small bits of pretty papers, beading, whatever. Small and old or different, I would make a wonderful new home for them and make them cherishable!!
Please let me know also if you know of anyone who might have things like this. I'm posting some pictures, too, of some of the pieces I've made that have some old tattered fabrics, etc.
Thank you! Can't wait to hear from anyone who is interested!!
The last pictures are of the pieces I made with the old tattered fabric, to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, but I would love anything different and unusual!!


lichen said...

This is stunning work! How blessed am I to have
stumbled here on a Thursday afternoon....thank you!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what gorgeous creations.

maminkagirl said...


I have admired your work since I first saw it in Victoria magazine years ago. I even made a bed, chair and pinecone "chandelier" modeled after the ones I saw in that article. I still have them and put them out each spring! I think I can dig up some fabric scraps from my stash. Just give me some time to find some pieces for you.


Smartphone said...

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Anonymous said...

Stunning! Enchanting world!

zUzU said...

=^..^= such are dreams made of

Debbie, Itoo am always looking for little scraps of wonderfulness ... are you still?
Please write to me about snippets & bits for your faeries to build with.

I too have long worked with old fabrics, trims and tiny buttons. I understand the search for treasure and the delight ::HaPpY::DaNcE::Of::JoY:: when some thing special is found. I would love to share with your fae ... some of the treasures stashed in my studio.

May I?
If yes, write to me the address of the castle ...
Tell the mice of the house to expect a tiny parcel of good things. (I assume that mice live with your faeries too? Or perhaps that is only at my cottage?)

Until soon
=^..^= love, zU