Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wonderful little film for children available!!!!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to tell you again that Mike and I have made some truely wonderful little films for children! My favorite one is called "The Little People from the Enchanted Treehouse". It is so cute and charming. It is about the wonderful little characters who live in the Enchanted Treehouse in the forest. There is Stephan and Benevito and the Princess of the Winter Gardens and many other curious and delightful people!
I hope you will go to my Youtube page to see our short clip from the film. (It's the one about Stephan; just go to Youtube and put in natureartists). If you are interested in purchasing the film (or any of our other films) just email me and let me know. I am so happy with our films! They are the cutest films and would be so much fun for children to watch. I would be happy to tell you more about "The Little People from the Enchanted Treehouse" and all of our other movies, if you will email me! Please tell your friends about our little films, too. We are trying to let more and more people know about our wonderful movies for children!
These pictures are of some of the characters from "The Little People from the Enchanted Treehouse".
Have fun!


Sea Angels said...

Hello Debbie...Thankyou for your beautiful words on my post, I was thrilled to read them how very kind you are.

I am no computer wiz but I make a picture using photoshop from my own pictures and paintings.
I reduce the DPI to 100 and the size to about 10cmx15cm and save the picture onto my desk top.
Then I go to my blogger page and open 'Customise Header' then press edit, and from there you can browse, go to your picture on desktop and open, then accept it....Bobs your uncle...somtimes you have to play about to get the size right. Hope this helps....I am off to veiw more of your smashing blogg.. gorgeous photos.
Valentines Hugs.
Lynn xx

Julie Collings said...

dear debbie,
how wonderful to find an art friend from my blog!
i was thrilled with your comments and enjoyed so much looking through your blog and shop.
my friend candice and i started the art nest, a mixed meda art retreat here in utah. we have an event planned in park city this june. http://theartnest.net/workshops/jun08/index.html
i would enjoy so much meeting you. i am located in springville. you can reach me at my email juliecollings2003@hotmail.com

Marce said...

Debbie, thank you for your comment on my blog; i love finding new people with whom i share common interests! it seems we have several of those. you seem like a very artistic, passionate person- both things i aspire to be! nice to be in touch.