Sunday, February 17, 2008

More of our beautiful little Fairy Furniture and other pieces!!

I have been organizing my computer files lately and had forgotten about these wonderful little pieces that Mike and I made quite a while ago. I just love's so fun to see the work one does from the gives you a good perspective of where you are, artistically. I have made so many little pieces of fairy furniture; I have pictures of almost every piece, but each little creation is so very special to me. I miss the ones that I have sold or given away. I am sure every artist is that way about their create something and it becomes part of you and you create that work of art from your soul. I wish I could talk to all the people who have bought my pieces to see how they are enjoying them.
I hope you will enjoy these. I made some new pieces the other day and will post them soon on my blog. Today is Sunday and such a beautiful day. So peaceful and quiet. It always seems like Sundays are much quieter than other days. I appreciate Sundays so much. Hope you have a very special day today.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what beautiful Fairy Furniture you have created

Julie Collings said...

simply magical! the pale pinks are simply enchanting on those lovely beds. we just watched the film spiderwick chronicles today and i can easily imagine one of those fairies resting her head on your bed.