Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello friends, family, acquaintances......
We wanted to let you know some very exciting news!!
Our son Matthew's short documentary, "Married to Art" and an interview with Matthew about his film will be airing 4 times on BYU TV between this Wednesday and next Wednesday as part of a very interesting program called, "First Look".
Matthew's documentary is about artists/sculptors......and the balance between the artwork we collaborate on and our life together as a married couple. Our other son, Michael, also composed the music for this film. The interview with Matthew as the director of "Married to Art" will air prior to the film. This is very exciting news for our entire family (as it was a family project ) since BYU TV can be viewed almost anywhere in the world, where people either have a dish or cable. If you can watch on one of the days, please do. This film can use all the support it can get. Please tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Thanks and here are the times:
February 20 (Wednesday) 9:00 pm
February 22 (Friday) 4:00 am
February 25 (Monday) 9:30am
Febraury 27 (Wednesday) 5:00pm
If you live in Provo, Utah, and have comcast cable it's on channel 55. If you live in Salt Lake City, UT and have comcast it's on channel 21. Dish Network - 9403, DirectTV - 374 (both dish channels are the same anywhere in the US as I'm sure you all already know). For all other states and cable providers, just look it up at this link by choosing your state and provider and it will tell you the channel.
Let us know what you think!
Thanks, Debbie and Mike


Julie Collings said...

how very wonderful! i will be able to tune in next week, julie

Lola Enchanted said...

Congrats! I've just stumbled upon this lovely little blog of yours! It's truly amamzing!!!!!~ I'm so glad I found it! you do amazing work!~ Just beautiful!!~

dawn said...

good for you :)