Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our son is doing a little better!!

I just wanted to thank all of you so very, very much who commented on my blog in the last few days about our dear son, Matthew. I had shared that Matthew has been having terrible headaches and also seizures the last few weeks. We have been so scaird by the seizures especially. But, the other day, Matthew was able to see a neurologist and he was very helpful. Matthew had a "sleep deprivation test" which was difficult for him to go through, but he was ok and there weren't any problems. Matthew has been taking the new headache medicine the neurologist gave him and it seems to be helping. His headaches seem to be occurring less as well as the seizures. The doctor also wanted him to use a heart monitor while he was sleeping, too. Monday, he has an MRI. He should know the results of the previous test in a week. I really wish the results wouldn't take so long to find out, but we'll just have to wait, I guess. It is so difficult to wait. We just keep praying that the results will not be negative. We so want Matthew to be able to get through this all right. But, we want to tell you all how grateful we are for your wonderful thoughts and prayers in Matthew's behalf. It means so much to us and I am sure to Matthew, too, that you all care so much and are thinking and praying for him! God Bless You!!! Debbie

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Beth said...

Hi, Debbie

I hope your son is better now. I didn't read past that early June posting you did.

I absolutely LOVE your fairy furniture. I've done extensive research for fairy furniture on the Net and yours is the best I've seen. In fact, you've inspired me to try my hand at it. I have fibromyalgia and am disabled, so I need something to fill my time.

You'd asked for prayer for your son & said you thought that it would help - Listen, I'm a Christian, and prayer ALWAYS helps! : )


Beth Davis