Monday, June 04, 2007

Our new movies on Youtube!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted very much lately. Our employers have been here and we have been so busy!! But, I have a minute so wanted to let you know we have several new little movies on YouTube!!! Hope you will watch them! I can't believe how many people have viewed them in the just the few days since I posted them!! The little short films are about our wonderful fairy furniture and our magical Treehouse! Hope you will take a few minutes to watch them and tell others about them, too! Just go to YouTube and search for: natureartists.....(all one word). I'll get the exact address for you soon, or actually, I think I posted it several days ago, too! Take care! Debbie


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Debbie,
I hope your son is feeling better and his MRI went well ~ praying for good results there...I'll be sure to view your little movies too!
xxoo, Dawn

kazzytextiles said...

i think your voice is so beautiful and the way the camera moves around like we are fairies viewing the enchanted world of the fairy houses and sweet furniture...i bet they are a big hit on you tube!!
well done i think the films are fabulous!!! and show off your beautiful tallents!!...
just wonderful...

get well wishes for your dear son x

x x kazzy x x