Sunday, February 04, 2007

new collages and paintings.......

here are some new collages and a new painting I did recently. i love doing collages. i experimented with our copier and my little furniture and some pretty new papers i found recently. (you can click on each picture to see a larger version). the first two are called: (first) "tiny fairies love their fairy thone" (second) "fairy throne flies through the garden" (third): it's funny but this is a painting but it has a bit of a three dimensional look about it. I thought this little wolf looked like he was looking for a friend in this medieval village. this is done in oil pastel and chalk. (called: "wolf trying to find a friend in the village") (fourth): this is an interesting collage that intrigued me as it has a three dimensional look about it as well. little objects and pictures that i love and combined to express a feeling of dreams and wonderings. (called: "pink flowers like to think") (fifth:) mixing objects, roses, pretty beads, papers, photographs and other favorite things......this collage brings to mind my childhood and silly days playing.....this one is called "Nature's Clock" (sixth): this collage is called: "Children's Prayers" (seventh): "Blackbird's Dreams"....... wonderful papers i found and combined to express feelings of the mystery of oddities and surprises. (eighth:) "Floral Oddities"........ adding parts of my poems with objects that interested me...... these are all available as cards and prints!!!!

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