Saturday, February 24, 2007

I wish I had a real house like our Fairy Castle!!!!!

This morning, I was so excited to see 5 wonderful comments on my blog!!!! I just haven't been hearing from very many people lately and just miss getting comments from people so much!! I thought I was sharing some interesting things with everyone but it seems people just really love our Fairy Castle more than anything I've put on my blog!! It's understandable though as I love our Fairy Castle, too!! I am so excited that you like our creation. (My husband Mike and I made the Fairy Castle together!!) We started it in 1994 and have changed it several times since then. I wish we could have a real house like this one!! It would be so wonderful to live in a house that feels like a tree!!
The picture here of the Castle sitting by the pool is actually the second Fairy Castle we created. The following photographs are of the first and larger house we made (the one we created in 1994). We would be so deliriously happy if we could just make our houses and sell them. We work as caretakers now but would just be thrilled if we could find enough people who would want to buy our Fairy Castles (or nature Treehouses, as we also call them) so that we could just do our art instead.
The pictures here are of our larger Fairy Castle.....there is the living room, the kitchen, the miniature twig furniture making room, and others. So much detail and love went into this work of art. It sits in our room right now along with our other Treehouse and many of our little fairy furniture pieces. I've also posted some pictures of our room so you can see what it is like to live in a gallery, so to speak!! (Just kidding). We love having our art all around us!!
I'd love to hear from you!! Take care and remember, life is like a secret.....we wait and pray and hope and listen, but sometimes, when we are the least ready and expecting it, something wonderful and surprising can come our way. Keep being happy and loving life! It's so wonderful!


Soozcat said...

Your fairy structures are so beautiful--truly places any well-turned-out fairy would be proud to call home. You do lovely work!

Wictoria said...

Hello ! Sorry for my bad english but you're right to enjoy when goods comments...and this house is so marvelous !!!

See you soon :)